Risk Free Trading

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? You often see brokers offering a few trades risk free when you sign up for a limited time but this is a real GAME CHANGER in trading. EasyMarkets have introduced dealCancellation, a new system that will revolutionise trading. For a small fee when you take the trade you have the ability to cancel your trade and simply write off the cost of the losing position at any time within a fixed period, normally within one hour. If it hits your stop within that time, doesn't matter, you still get your money back. Read full details from here

When to use dealCancellation?

Make that trade!

Committing to a trade can be an unnerving step. Take away the fear, make your trade and if it goes against you just cancel it – like it never happened!

Bigger deals

​​Ever wanted to up the stakes in your trading and make bigger deal sizes? Now you can, safe in the knowledge that if the market is not in your favour you can cancel the deal.

Trade the big events, safely!

During big announcements like NFP releases, many brokers disable trading. We don’t! Make the most of the opportunity and protect yourself from the risks.

Volatility can be your friend

Volatility can be your friend as market volatility means more opportunity, but also more risk. Take away the risk with dealCancellation and cancel your losing deals.

How It Works

We believe this EasyMarkets account is a major breakthrough for the home trader, and could make a huge impact on your profitablilty particularly for shorter term traders. 

To learn more about the game changer in retail trading, click here

Weekend Trading

If your schedule doesn't allow you to trade when the markets are most active, don't worry, there are are active markets available at any time of day or night, and that includes weekends. Learn more: fxjunkies.co.uk/weekend-trading