Trade at weekends and in flat markets

Do you find you are busy when the markets are at their most active, and you only have free time in flat evening sessions or at the weekends? Well  have the answer for you. They have created six tradable indices that they call volatility indices which can be traded 24/7. There's no need to let the market dictate to you when to trade - you choose at a time that suits you!

These Volatility Index markets are simulated markets that use randomly generated numbers to reflect the way that a real market behaves. The random numbers are generated by a computer program and is unable to influence or predict which numbers will be generated.​​

We were sceptical initially but these really do behave like real markets. Technical analysis can be applied as normal, with fully customisable charts. As you have probably realised from our trade set ups we post, we use Bollinger Bands in our trading, and these are ideal for trading these indices. Of the 6 offered, we prefer the bull market and bear market indices because they offer contstant volatility which suits our trading style perfectly. However you may prefer more volatile markets, and these are provided in the continuous indices. In these the Volatility 100 index is four times more volatile than the Volatility 25 index.

All of the normal binary trade types can be traded including Rise/Fall, Higher/Lower, Touch/No touch, In/Out, Asians and Digits and of course, trading on your mobile is available. is fully regulated, so your money is safe and they offer a free demo account to get the hang of binaries.

Learn more about trading at a time that's right for you. Try your free demo account this weekend.

For further information on binary options:
Of course with you can trade a full range of markets, including forex, commodities, indices and stocks also on your mobile. See the screenshot below of a few of our winners on various markets.

Risk free trading

If binary options is not for you, and you hate a losing trade, then risk free trading is here. Cancel a trade within an hour for no loss, and get your money back if your stop is hit within an hour. Learn more